Classes and Training Sessions

Our head trainer, Emilie Audet, is a certified level 1 trainer in Western riding, certified FEQ and CH trainer in English riding and also a trainer of Québec à Cheval for horseback trekking.  Emilie is very experienced and has been teaching since 2006.

Several other training courses, either from la Fédération Équestre du Québec and Québec à Cheval are offered at the stables to fill the demands of our customers.

Western-Style Riding :
• Riding Certificate, levels 1 to 4
• Intermediate Certificate, basic trainer
• Training and guide mentoring program
• Programme P’tit trot for children 6 years and older

English-Style Riding :
• Initiation course
• Rider certificate, levels 1 et 2

The Québec à cheval training exists for riders who want to develop their skills in horseback trekking.  This sport can be done in a safe way and can be taught.
• Rider-trekker training, levels 1 to 5
• Guide training for horseback trekking (ARE)
• Additional courses for riders-trekkers, levels 1 to 5
• Training internships
• Modular training

Training programs are available on the Québec à cheval web site (only in french)

• Stable management
• Horse training on the ground  :  Handling – Saddling – Bandaging
• Harness training :  – Initiation to harness training

Lessons are a one-time event or in a 10-lesson format at a lesser cost.
Riding lessons are given year-round.